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    Frequently asked

    How do I find out about the prices of each product?

    For products for which no purchase price is indicated, we will send you a detailed offer by e-mail after entering your details and contact details under the request for quotation tab on the product data sheet.
    In the case of a displayed purchase price, it is advisable to ask for an offer in order to get an accurate picture of both the delivery cost and the delivery time.

    Will shipping cost be charged?

    The displayed purchase prices do not include shipping costs.

    How to place an order?

    The order is made via e-mail. The easiest way is to request a quote for the product you want to order, after which you will receive a detailed quote on shipping and/or installation costs.
    The received offer must be sent to our e-mail address after which we will send the order confirmation with the exact delivery time.

    How is the payment made?

    The payment condition is determined by the nature and value of the product. It is possible to pay in advance by bank transfer or cash on delivery.
    The exact condition is always indicated in the price offer.





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